black or white...night or day..
when you look through the eyes of love...
it's all just shades of gray
Matt Dean is a musical prodigy who is best known as a jobbing and studio musician in Toronto. His versatility as a vocalist, keyboardist, trombonist and percussionist had won him many honours, including being chosen by Rob McConnell as one of Canada’s finest for the Calgary Olympic Jazz Band. Matt has had the privilege of performing with Guido Basso, Murray McLaughlin, David Wilcox and The Nylons. He has opened for many artists including Linda Rondstadt and even performed at the Juno Awards as well as for members of The Royal Family. 
Now that Matt's focus has turned to song writing, he has found a wealth of creativity and expression that he had not yet explored. Shades Of Gray embodies Matt's talents and experience. Except for the choirback and a few guitar tracks, all vocals, Matt performs instruments and solos. All songs are written, arranged and produced, and recorded in his studio - 'Dean Acres'. Matt even created the graphic design and layout for the CD!
Matt's incredible vocals and versatility is available for corporate and private finctions!